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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know anything about computers or managing websites - how do I keep my website up to date with new content and photos, and what about this Google thing so that my site is found on a search?
Our service was designed for those who have very little computer experience. Just give our office a call. Leave your number on the voicemail if we cannot get to the phone straight away and we will call you back. Or you could click on the
Contact link to send us a message. We take care of all website work for you such as adding fresh content, new photos, creating a new page, installing your YouTube video so that your visitors can watch it from within your website, or setting up a photo gallery to display all your photos, and making sure you are found on a Google search. We will assign an account manager to your website who will work with you. And we will never say that you can only add 10 or 20 new pages - you can add as many as you need, there are no limits with your X9 website.

For those who have some computer experience, we have included a website control panel. This allows you to make changes to your website, add new web pages and manage most areas of your site, including Google SEO. When you need help, simply contact your account manager. You will find a link to contact your account manager in your website control panel.

You offer monthly, 6 monthly and annual payment periods - If I choose yearly billing, how do I know you are going to remain in business for the whole year in order to provide the service which I purchased?
This is THE most asked question, that's why we are answering it at the beginning of our FAQ. No company can guarantee to continue business for any length of time. The safest method to assist you in making a decision if a company is going to deliver its service into the future is to look at its past. A business which has been around for a long time is more likely to remain in business for some time and if a business is only trading online, the quickest way to check how long they have been in business is to check their domain with a whois service, as that will clearly state the date when their domain was created and which will give you an indication of how long they have been trading. We registered X9.NET back in 1998, so we have been around for a while.

I would like to purchase my hosting six monthly to receive one month free - What happens if I decide to close my business after three months and I no longer require the service?
When you prepay for six months, you are actually paying for only five months. If you want to cancel service before three months are up, we will refund you for 2 remaining unused months. We will not lock you into a contract - whenever you wish to cancel service, we will refund all unused fees in full. But please note that we cannot refund a partly used month.

Where do I get my domain?
We can supply you with any domain you require, if it is available for registration. We have been offering web hosting and domain registrations for 14 years. One top level domain such as your-domain.co.za and any needed number of third level domains such as your-domain.usco.biz are included with your website. If you already have a domain name, we can configure it to work with your X9 website at no extra charge.

I cannot find a template in my favourite colour?
This is not a problem. Select any template and choose a preferred colour from our
colour chart, then contact your account manager and request that your website be changed to the new colour.

How do I add my own text and photos to my website?
We can do this for you or you can do it yourself. You will receive your administrator login password which will allow you to edit almost all the text on your website. You can also change the photos and upload your own to replace the ones which came with your website. You can also click a button to change your website back to "factory settings". Easy step by step instructions are included. And if you get stuck, ring your account manager and get him/her to sort it out for you.

How do I add my logo to my site?
Your massage therapy website has been designed to facilitate logos. Although you can add your logo yourself by using the administrator section, we recommend that you forward your logo to your account manager who will get a graphic artist to do this work for you.

I am a complete newbie - computers make me nervous. Do you offer a service which will upload my own photos and required text and change it for me when I want it changed?
Absolutely. That's exactly what our product does and it does not cost any extra. Simply contact your account manager who will do this work for you.

What do I need, in order to use your massage therapy website services?
If you are seeing this web page, then you have all that is called for to take advantage of this great service - a PC or Mac with an Internet connection.

I have heard that there are many cowboys out there offering web hosting - how reliable is your service?
X9 has been providing web hosting services since 1998 to thousands of clients in several contries, including high profile clients such as local councils, municipalities, churches and schools, Embassies and other diplomatic authorities and large multi branch businesses. And our experience is backed up by a large modern and established data centre based in Cape Town. Your website will be in good hands.

I have some web space which came with my cable service. Can I host my massage therapy website on it?
No. Your practice website is not a static website. It is software driven and it needs to be hosted on the X9 servers because that is were the software which powers your site has been installed.

I really like your massage therapy websites - can I buy a copy of one and host it on my own web space?
No. Because this website is software driven, it does not exist in static form. However, at some later stage, we may make some older designs available in static format. But they will be in template format and you would be required to rewrite most of the content to avoid the search engine content filters.

Will I have access to my hosting account?
Of course. Your website includes the X9 MaxiPlus Pro Unlimited hosting account serviced by our Dallas data centre. There are no resource limits. Advanced users can set up Blogs and sub domains and install software such as galleries, calendars and ecommerce shopping carts with just one click of the mouse. You will be very pleased with your package. But if you prefer not to get under the bonnet, you don't ever need to log into your hosting account if you don't want to. Just ask your account manager to set up the services you require.

Do I get my own email account?
Naturally. Each email address is connected to your own domain name, such as therapist@your-domain.co.za and you can have as many emails as you wish. If you prefer to continue using your Hotmail or Gmail account because you are used to it and are comfortable with it, but you do want a more professional email, then simply set up a forwarder. Create the forwarder bookings@your-domain.co,za and simply forward it to your Gmail email. You can also instruct your account manager to do this for you.

If you are using email accounts created with your hosting account, you can use any email program such as Outlook Express to send and receive email. You can also use webmail from any computer which is connected to the Internet. For example http://webmail.your-domain.co.za

Can I find out how many visitors arrive at my website?
All hosting packages contain a feature-rich Site Statistics Tool via the Control Panel that displays hits, referrer logs, country data and much more! You can even consider this information in a graphical form showing daily, monthly and yearly action. Ask your account manager for assistance if you need help with logging onto your control panel.

How will I be billed for my hosting plan?
Monthly, or six monthly with one month free, or yearly with two months free. Billing notice is by email and you get 30 days from the due date to make your payment by credit or debit card.

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